When we travel anywhere by boat is called Journey by boat. Do you looking for a journey by boat essay? Many asked me to describe a boat journey I enjoyed. The disscusion starts below.

A journey by boat composition
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A journey by boat composition


A journey by boat is comfortable and peaceful. Bangladesh is a riverine country. During the rainy season, most of the areas of the country go under water. So people have to go from one place to another by boat. It is an enjoyable journey.

Last winter I got the opportunity to enjoy such a journey. It was the month of December. After the annual examination, I thought of going to my uncle’s house at Mirjapur in Netrokona. Some of my friends agreed. We were five in number. We hired a boat. There were two young and active boatmen.

The boat started from our ghat at 2 pm. A gentle breeze was blowing. It was a nice afternoon. The sky was clear. The boatmen pulled oar for sometimes. Then they set sail. We were lucky enough to see this setting sail. The wind was in our favor. So, the boat was passing easily. When the boat reached the Brahmaputra river, the riverine Bangla welcomed us with all its beauty.

There was water everywhere. We were enjoying the natural beauty of our motherland. Different kinds of boats were moving to carry men and goods. It reminded us of the trade and commerce of our glorious past through waterways. Really, it is beyond description. The paddy fields on both the sides of the river looked green. Children were swimming in the river. Women were carrying water with various types of beautiful pitchers. Some fishermen were catching fish. Farmers were reaping corns and singing songs.

In the afternoon the boat reached a market. We halted there and purchased something to eat. The boat started again. It was about sunset. My heart was filled with joy to see the setting sun. The beauty of the golden sunset on the calm water of the river made a pleasant sight. The moon rose with her pale silvery beams. The river presented a beautiful scene. It was now seven o’clock in the evening. We reached the destination. Some of my cousins were waiting for us. They received us cordially. It was a pleasant experience for us. It will remain evergreen in my heart.