A Journey By Train Composition and Paragraph

Going anywhere though train is a journey by train. A journey by train is so much enjoyable journey. I love it most. If your teacher ask to write about a train journey you recently had, You can share my experience for A journey by train essay.

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A Journey By Train Composition

A journey by train is always enjoyable to me. This journey is undoubtedly a delightful as well as an exciting one.

It was the month of April. I made a Journey by train. My school was closed for summer vacation. I along with my parents, brother and sister went to visit one of our relatives. This journey was from Jessore to Chuadanga. My father bought tickets the day before.

On that appointed day we reached the Jessore Railway Station at 9.00 am. I saw the station. It was very crowded. A number of people were moving and sitting on the platform. There were also coolies and noises of hawkers at the station. When the train came, we got into a compartment. Fortunately, I found my seat beside a window. After some time, the train started moving.

I was feeling excited. I looked inside the compartment and noticed that some of the passengers were dozing, some were reading newspapers and some were gossiping. As the train came out of Jessore City, green field welcomed us with all its beauty. The train was moving ahead through the green fields on both the sides. I became very glad to see that.

The train was running at full-speed through green paddy fields. There were jute and soybean plants here and there. They were tossing their heads in the breeze.

The train was running at full-speed. It was an intercity train. It did not stop at any stations. We had crossed many big and small stations. After some time, some waiters came to us with some snacks. We had taken some of them. Hawkers come up to us with their good for sale. I looked out the window and enjoyed the different scenes of my motherland.

At about 11.30 am we reached our destination. We got down from the train. My uncle received us at the station. The journey was safe and sound as well as pleasing. I enjoyed it very much. It was one of the most rememberable days of my life.