Essay on Postman in English

A postman Paragraph & Essay:  A postman is a person whose job is to collect and deliver letters, parcels, money orders, etc. to the addressees. He is a very known person with his Khaki uniform and a cap on his head. He brings news from our near and dear ones living at the home and abroad. He is the most eagerly awaited person to us.

The Postman Essay
The Postman Essay

A postman is an employee of the postal department. He is the most familiar figure in a particular area. Every day he is seen passing through the streets at a particular time. He has a particular area to work there. His day starts with sorting letters, parcels, money orders and making separate bundles out of them for different localities of his area. He puts them into his bag. Then he goes out to deliver the postal articles to the right persons moving from door to door. He takes the signatures of the persons concerned and of the witnesses in cases of delivering registered letters, parcels and money orders. Banner

A postman renders essential services to the people. He is very punctual and dutiful. He performs his duty in good and bad weathers. Carrying a bag on his shoulder, a postman sometimes brings good news and sometimes bad news to us. If he fails to perform his duties properly, it may cause irreparable loss to the persons concerned. A village postman generally delivers the letters or money orders on the market day. He also sells post cards and stamps to the villagers.

A postman plays an important part in our day-to-day life and so he is very dear to the people of his locality. Though he has to walk a long distance everyday and do a heavy duty, he is paid a low salary. So he cannot support his family well. Yet he performs his duty laboriously without any complaint. As a postman renders a heavy duty, the government should take necessary steps to improve his financial and social status.