Gp Internet Offers 2020

In this post we will introduce with GP Internet offers 2020. Here on this page, Offers are frequently updated. So you will get the latest and accurate information regarding Grameenphone Internet Packages. You will also get GP Internet Setting and know how to set it up. Moreover you will get some frequent asked question and general information about GP Internet.

Grameen phone or GP is the leading telecommunications service in Bangladesh. They have more than 75 million subscribers. Its holding company is Telenor, a Norway company joint with Grameen Telecom Corporation. It uses two number scheme which is 017 and 013. Among others Grameenphone has the strongest Network capablity and Its Internet Network is really good. More than 2500 people work on Grameenphone.

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Gp Internet Offers

All GP internet package list

You are here just because you want to know about gp internet offer code and gp internet recharge offer. Later you will get GP social Pack offers too. Let’s dig till end of GP Data offers.

GP Internet Offer Code

GP Internet offer 2020 code is listed an sorted in a table below. You can learn about its cost, time period and activation code. Let’s start without wasting time.

Internet PackagesCost
6GB 4G Pack
[4G SIM, 4G Handset and
4G Network Required]
20GB 4G Pack
[4G SIM, 4G Handset and
4G Network Required]
60GB 4G Pack
[4G SIM, 4G Handset and
4G Network Required]
100GB 4G Pack
+ Gold STAR Status

[4G SIM, 4G Handset and
4G Network Required]
Type 100GB4G
Send to 25000
200GB 4G Pack
+ Platinum STAR Status

[4G SIM, 4G Handset and
4G Network Required]
Type 200GB4G
Send to 25000
Voice Heavy at Tk 494
(600 mins+2GB)
Data Heavy at Tk 599
(15GB +300mins)
Voice Heavy at Tk 997
(1,200 mins + 6GB)
Data Heavy at Tk 989
(30GB+600 mins)
350MB @ 33tk333*121*3083#
2GB543 (72hours)*121*3242#
1GB Weekly897*121*3056#
4GB (3GB + 1GB 4G)1087*121*3344#
8GB (6GB + 2GB 4G)1487*121*3262#
12GB (10GB + 2GB 4G)1987*121*3133#
5GB (4GB + 1GB 4G)29930*121*3458#
16GB (12GB+ 4GB 4G)39930*121*3392#
Whatsapp pack 26MB 2.613*121*3063#
Viber pack 26MB2.613*121*3070#
Heavy Video pack6.283*121*3020#
Facebook 3 Days1.573*121*3022#
Emergency data loan (12MB)53*121*3021#
Facebook 28 Days1928*121*3024#
Facebook 7 Days6.287*121*3023#

Gp Internet Offers & Data Packages

Grameenphone provides different types of Internet service. They are GP Volume Internet pack, GP Social Data package and GP Recharge Internet Pack. The more is described under this paragraph.

  1. Volume Packs
  2. Offer Packs
  3. Social Packs

Let’s get started with the information of gp internet offer 1gb 17 tk.

GP Volume Pack

Data volume is center of attraction of Grameen Phone Volume Data pack. Most of the package have 30 days validity. You need not to worry about data period. They are made this type of package for the heavy users and continious data users. If you are one of them, can purchuse GP Volume pack.

Gp 1 GB at 189 BDT

gp internet offer 1gb: If you looking for 1 GB Data pack of Grameenphone for 30 days, you can try this once. It will cost you only 189 tk. Its activation code is *121*3390#. After dialing the code, wait for a while for confirmation message.

GP 1.5 GB at 239 BDT

If you need bigger package of 1 GB you can look on GP Internet offer 1.5 GB. Its price is 239 TK for 30 days. Recharge TK 239 and dial a USSD Code *121*3027# to get the pack.

GP 3GB at 289 BDT

Games and Social Network lovers can have this GP 3 GB Internet package. You have to recharge 289 TK or more than that. Then you will get 3 GB for 30 days if you dial *121*3391#.

Grameenphone 5GB at 399 BDT

This package is most loved by freelancers and Internet marketers. One will have 5GB Data from GP with a great speed for a month. The cost of the offer is 399 BDT only. Activation code is *121*3392#.

In my seance, this is a great package for all. You should get it.

GP 15GB at 649 BDT

Are you a Video marketer? You often download heavy videos and also upload. Then you can try this data offer of GP 15 GB Internet. The price is not more than 649 TK. And the validity is as well as 30 days. Active the pack dialing the code *121*3393#.

Grameenphone 30GB at 998 BDT

Any movie lover and Youtube marketer can have the pack of GP 30 GB Internet. It is on lsess than 1000, in only 998 TK. It will last you for 30 days. To activate dial a code which is *121*3394#.

GP 115 MB at 58 BDT

Are you a light user of GP Internet? If yes, you can get GP 115 MB Internet package with 58 TK for 30 days. This package is mostly used for social networking. To turn on the package, dial *121*3005#.

Grameenphone 85 MB at 38 BDT

The tiny package of Grameen phone Internet volume pack is GP 85 MB. You have to spend 38 TK for this package. To get it for 7 days, dial *121*3004#.

GP 555 MB at 149 BDT

This GP 555 MB Internet Package is for medium light users. First recharge 149 TK or higher. second, dial a code, *121*3007#. Its validity is 28 days. Enjoy the pack with GP Internet packages.

GP Social Packs

With general internet package, you can browse any types of website. In Bangladesh, most of the people either get addicted on social medial like Facebook, twitter or get addicted on Youtube or imo. So, GP runs several GP Social Internet Packs so that people can browse social sites at a low cost.

5 MB at 2.62 BDT

This is the smallest package in GP Social Internet Pack. If you need a small work to do and you don’t have internet, at that time you can buy this package. 2.62 TK will be charged from your mobile account while you dial *121*3002# to get the package for 72 hour.

Facebook 3 Days

Facebook addicted can run Facebook and do messaging for 72 hour and use till 26 MB with this package. The Activation code is *121*3022#. In the sence of price, this is the smallest because you will get 26 MB for Facebook at 1.57 BDT.

Facebook 7 Days

If you are bore with 3 day validity and want to use Facebook for more times, try this package. This pack contains total 86 MB for Facebook. You can get this package for 6.28 BDT. You know the validity period, its 7 days. Don’t forget the activation code *121*3023#.

Facebook 28 Days

In this GP Social Facebook Pack you will get 340 MB for 28 days. You need to spend 19 TK for this package. Its activation code is *121*3024#. You must use default browser or Facebook apps for this offer.

GP Video pack

This package is for video lovers. You can watch video on some selected sites. The sites are;; You can’t use the proxy-based browser for browsing. To get the offer, dial *121*3020#. You will get 46 Mb data for 3 days which will cost 6.28 BDT.

Grameenphone WhatsApp internet pack

There is a special Internet offer of WhatsApp. Some people only use WhatsApp for messaging. This GP WhatsApp Internet Package will cost 2.61 BDT. On this package one will get 26 MB for 3 days. The activation code is *121*3063#.

GP Viber pack

The activation code of GP Viber Internet Package is *121*3070#. On 2.61 BDT one will get 26 MB Viber data on Grameen Phone.

Gp Internet Offer Packs

The Grameen Phone Internet Offers are for smartphone users. The validity period is various on those packages. This packages is for irregular users. These offers are used when wifi network is off or disturb Or when people go out of home and work place. Let’s know details about Gp Internet Offer Packs.

350MB @ 33tk

A user can get this 350 MB GP Internet Data on the cost of 33 BDT. Its validity is 72 hours. Recharge 33 or more than that and dial *121*3083# to avail this offer.

2GB @ 54 Tk

This is a short time package of 2 GB. You will get only 72 hour to use the sum data. The price of the data pack is 54 TK. Dial *121*3242# if you want to get the pack.

1 GB Weekly @ 89 Tk

This GP 1 GB Weekly Internet Pack at 89 TK is for 7 days. When you go on a tour or visit for someday can get the offer. The USSD code for the offer is *121*3056#.

3 GB @ 108 Tk

GP has every volume pack for all types of people. If you need 3 GB Internet for short time and in less amount, this GP 3 GB Internet at 108 BDT will good for you. You will get a validity of 7 days only. Get this pack dialing *121*3344# USSD code.

6GB @ 148 Tk

Those who use GP Internet in PC or Laptop needs higher volume of Internet. For them GP has a 6 GB Internet offer for 7 days to use. It will cost not more than 148 TK. Recharge and dial *121*3262# for activation.

10GB @ 198 Tk

The highers volume of internet pack is available in GP Internet offers. This 10 GB internet pack will remain valid till 7 days only and costs 198 TK. To get it, dial *121*3133# and Enjoy browsing high-speed Internet on GP.

Grameenphone Internet Setting

If you purchuse a package and you want to browse internet, first, you need Internet setting. If your phone has the setting, that’s OK. But if your phone don’t have any, you have setup one. If you turn off and then turn of your phone, it will auto load internet setting in your phone. But if not, you have set it manually. Le’ts see how to setup Grameenphone Internet setting.

GP Auto Internet Settings

If you want to setup you GP Internet setting automatically, send the below message and wait a moment.

SMS: Write ‘All’ and send to 8080,

OR you can Dial *500*50# or call 121 to customer care.

GP internet for iPhone

If you want to setup GP Internet setting in your phone, follow the below procedure.

Settings > General    > Network     > Cellular data network
Write apn:  gpinternet

Grameen phone MMS settings for iPhone

If you want to send MMS from your phone, set the below settings.

APN: gpmms 
MMS Proxy: N/A

gp internet setting for iPhone
gp internet setting for iPhone

Grameenphone internet for iPad

To setup internet in your iPad, go to your internet setting. Put on the Celular data menu. Click on APN setting. On the APN field, write gpinternet. Leave the username and password field blank. And save it.

GP Android internet settings

About most of the people use Android mobile phone. They must need internet setting for GP. Let’s get it.

In Settings  > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks> Access Point Names
Add a new APN:
Name: GP Internet
APN: gpinternet

Android MMS Setting

APN named gpmms
Proxy: N/A
Type: MMS

GP Symbian and Windows Mobile settings

The details instructions of Symbian and Windows Mobile setting are given below.

  1.  Go To: Menu
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Go To Connection
  5. Click Destinations
  6. Select: Access Point
  7. Write: GP-INTERNET (Must be in capital letter)
  8. Select: Internet
  9. Input: gpinternet as Access Point Name

Important Information about GP Internet

There are some rules to follow in Grameenphone internet.

  • Internet package can be cancelled anytime (by authority).
  • You must need GP Internet setting to browse interenet.
  • You can check balance by the USSD code *121*1*4#.
  • By default auto renew feature is turned off. you an turn it on if needed.
  • You can buy GP Internet by USSD code, Flexi plan apps, SMS, My GP Apps, Wow Box. More you can buy package by calling in the customer care.

GP Internet Related USSD Codes

Some important GP USSD codes is tabled below. They are used as shortcut task to be done.

Service NameUSSD Code/ Options
Turn ON auto-renew*121*3042#   or SMS “ON” to 25000
Turn OFF auto-renew*121*3043# or SMS “OFF” To 2500
Check Internet balance*121*1*4#
Cancel Internet Package*121*3041#

This whole article was about GP Internet packages and data offers. If you want anything more, you can ask or let us know.