GP Skitto Internet Offer 2020

GP Skitto Internet Offer is now a hot topic in Online world. They brought a revolution in Internet Price and service in speed. So, People look for Skitto mb offer. In this post we will discuss about how to buy internet in Skitto.

Skitto is a new service of Grameenphone. Most of the internet user either he is a lite user or a heavy user loves this sim. Its internet offers changes very oftern. But some of them are constant. As it change time to time you can have a look on “promo deals” page in Skitto Sim app.

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GP Skitto Internet Offers

Skitto Sim Internet Offers

We can divide the Grameenphone Skitto package into 3 types according to package duration. The most popular Internet packs duration are 3 days, 7 days and 30 days or a month. The offers are described and presented below.

Skitto Daily Internet Offer

60 MB at 3 TK

You may have used 50 MB at TK 2. But now you can have Skitto 4G 60 MB internet package at 3 Tk. This package is not auto renewable. With the internet package price includes 15% Supplementary Duty (SD), 5 % VAT & 1% surcharge. The package duration is 3 Days only or 72 hours.

Skitto Daily Internet Packages at a glance:

  • 50MB for 3Days @ 2Tk
  • 1GB for 3Days @ 24Tk
  • 3GB for 3Days @ 49Tk

Skitto Weekly Internet Offer

Skitto Weekly Internet Offer means 7 day internet offer. There are 3 packages in weekly offer. They are 500 Mb, 1.5 GB & 3 GB. Among them 1.5 GB Pack is very popular.

500 MB at 44 TK

You will get 500 MB internet at only 44 TK in skitto. The package duration is 7 days and it starts and ends exact on the same time so that you can enjoy your data. Like others this package is not also auto renewable.

1.5 GB at 89 Tk.

This is one of the most popular Skitto sim internet offer. You will get about 1536 MB or 1.5 GB in this pack for 89 Tk + government fee only. In our calcualtion your cost will be 108.4 Tk. To active this package, go to your skitto app and active form promo offers.

3 GB at 104 Tk

Among the skitto weekly internet package 3 GB is the highest. The package will cost you 104 Tk + Vat + SD + Surcharge. The best thing about skitto is when you start using the internet, you internet duration will end at the same time after 7 days. As a result, you can use the internet the full time.

Skitto Weekly Internet Packages at a glance:

  • 100MB for 7Days @ 9Tk
  • 1GB for 7Days @ 31Tk
  • 1.5GB for 7Days @ 39Tk

Skitto Monthly Internet Offer

In Skitto monthly internet offer you can use internet 30 days or a full month. There are currently two packages 2 GB and 7 GB. They are described below.

2 GB at 229 Tk

In this Skitto internet package you will get 2048 MB for 30 days. This package will cost you 229 TK. Don’t forget you have to provide vat also for the package.

7 GB at 498 Tk

This is at present the highest data pack in Skitto. Moreover they sells 25 GB Data as highest. This pack is heavy users like freelancer, web developer and Online Marketers. This Skitto 7 GB internet package will be suitable for students learning from home.

Skitto Monthly Internet Packages at a glance:

  • 1GB for 30Days @ 53Tk
  • 2GB for 30Days @ 79Tk
  • 3GB for 30Days @ 98Tk
  • 5GB for 30Days @ 148Tk
  • 8GB for 30Days @ 187Tk
  • 17GB for 30Days @ 290Tk
  • 25GB for 30Days @ 388Tk

Skitto Sim PROMO DEALS internet data packs using App

Skitto Promo Internet Deals offers are presented below which you can buy and found on Skitto app.

  • dorkari mercury : 60MB for 2 tk with 3 days validity.
  • venus daily : 1GB for 22 tk with 3 days validity.
  • down to earth : 3GB for 50 tk with 3 days validity.
  • dhumketu : 1GB for 33 tk with 7 days validity.
  • saturn er pattern : 1.5GB for 37 tk with 7 days validity.
  • gogon e chand : 1GB for 52 tk with 30 days validity.
  • hot sun : 2GB for 78 tk with 30 days validity.
  • abege aoluto : 3GB for 97 tk with 30 days validity.
  • neptune fortune : 5GB for 147 tk with 30 days validity.
  • uranus : 8GB for 189 tk with 30 days validity.
  • ei lon mars : 17GB for 291 tk with 30 days validity.
  • jupiter pan: 25GB for 390 tk with 30 days validity.

Important Information about Skitto Internet Offers

  • You must have a skitto sim
  • You have to install Skitto Apps (you will find it on playstore)
  • All price includes 15% Supplementary Duty (SD), 5 % VAT & 1% surcharge.
  • No auto-renewal.
  • Pack validity will start from the exact moment of activation and run its full duration.

How to buy skitto mb without app

Generally you can check Skitto internet form dialing USSD code, But you can’t buy skitto internet without app.

So, This whole post is about GP Skitto internet offer. Hope you got your desired internet plan. You want help to choose from the internet packs, I can do it for you. Just let me know in the comment section.