Our School Composition and Paragraph

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Are you a student? Did anyone ever asked about your school? If asked, How you described? Today I am gonna describe about my school to you.

The Place where we go for reading, writing and learning is called School.

Our School Composition
Our School

Our School Essay

The name of our school is Pogose High School. It is situated in the heart of old Dhaka founded by Mr. N. P. Pogose, an Armenian in 1848. It is a big and renowned school in the country.

Our school is housed in a nice two-storeyed building. There are thirty classrooms in our school. They are neat and clean and well-ventilated. There is also the Headmaster’s room, the teachers’ room, the common room, the science laboratory and a big auditorium in our school.

Each class is held in a separate room. Every classroom is well-furnished with desks for the students and a chair and a table for the teacher. There are also blackboards and maps in the classrooms.

Our school sits in two shifts namely, morning shift and day shift. There are about two thousand students in our school. They are well behaved and obedient. There are thirty five teachers in our school. They are qualified. They teach us with great care and affection. They are truly our guide and friend. They take special care for the weak students. Our Headmaster is an M.A. B.Ed. He is a nice man. He is very strict but friendly. He has a loving corner in his heart for the students.

There is a big library in our school. It is enriched with different kinds of useful books. We borrow books from here. Our librarian is a trained man. He manages the library very sincerely. We publish a magazine once a year.

There are two playgrounds in our school. We play there in the afternoon. We generally play football and volleyball in the summer. In winter we play cricket and badminton.

The results of the JSC and SSC examination of our school are quite satisfactory. It is one of the best schools in Bangladesh. I am proud of being a student at this school.