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Do you exercise daily? Want to learn about it? Then Let’s go through an Essay on physical exercise Or physical exercise composition.

Physical exercise Composition
Physical exercise Composition

Essay on Physical Exercise

Physical exercise means the movement of the body organ according to some rules. It is good for health. It gives us health and energy. It is necessary for the preservation of health. We cannot enjoy sound health without it. Physical exercise makes a man active and strong. It keeps him free from various fatal diseases.

There are various kinds of physical exercise. Walking, riding, swimming, rowing and different types of games are good forms of exercise. All of them are not suitable for everybody. There are some forms of physical exercise like badminton, cricket, hockey, football, tennis are quite good. For the female table tennis and badminton are quite nice exercises. Other hand, walking which is a very common and easy exercise is good for the weak and the old.

Physical exercise should not be taken all the time. It must be taken in the open air. So morning and evening are the best time for taking physical exercise. We should take physical exercise regularly.

Physical exercise develops all parts of our body. It keeps us safe and sound. It helps us to be cheerful and active. It also helps us digest food and keeps the body free from various diseases. Our life is full of struggles and activities. One can tackle them simply if one has physical fitness and mental alertness. Physical exercise is essential to make our body physically fit. A person can have a sound mind only when he has a sound body.

So, in order to have a sound mind in a sound body physical exercise is of greatest significance for all. Exercise takes our mind away from the drudgery of work and fills it with joy. Physical exercise also gives us fresh energy refreshes our mind and helps us to return to work with improved strength. So, we should take physical exercise every day.

Health is the root of all happiness. Physical exercise keeps us healthy. Many people do not take physical exercise regularly. Then soon lose their health. They fall victims to many diseases. So, the necessity of taking exercise should not be ignored. If we want to keep our mind and body fresh, we should take regular physical exercise.