PSC English Suggestion 2020 for getting A+ Most Common

Many students and teachers look for PSC English Suggestions for himself. we also got so many emails to provide a Class 8 English Suggestion, Now it is happening.

Follow the post of PSC English Suggestion from A to Z. By this activity one can read, learn about PSC suggestion and do super well in the exam. So, follow the suggestion below.

This English Suggestion is given based on full 100 marks of English. This includes seen, unseen, wh question and rearrange also. There are more suggestions of other subjects, keep our on the right sidebar.

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PSC English Suggestion

PSC English Marks Distribution

Before going into the suggestion section we should know about the marks distribution of PEC English Subject.

6Topic NameMarks
Seen Passage
1. Fill in the gaps
2. True False
3. Answering Question
4. Composition Writing

Unseen Passage
5. Fill in the gaps
6. True False
7. Answering Question
8. Write a letter

9. Making Wh Question10
10. Answering Short Question6
11. Fill in the gap with time table5
12. Rearrange10
13. Forms5

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PSC English Suggestion 2020

The English Suggestion of PSC of all topics is presented below you can copy it or take screenshot of it.

PSC English Seen Suggestion

Seen Passage is the most important part of PEC English Subject. If it gets common, it is easy to get A+ marks. Here find the most common PSC English Seen Suggestion.

  • A person’s Birthday (Unit 15; Lesson 1)
  • My home district (Unit 10; Lesson 1-5)
  • Babul and his family (Unit 24; Lesson 1-2)
  • Saikat Islam lives (Unit 3; Lesson 1-2)
  • A long time ago (Unit 9; Lesson 1-2)

PSC English Unseen Suggestion

Unseen is also second most important topic in the English Question. A students needs to read many unseen passage. For them we prepared PSC English Unseen Suggestion.

  • Bangladesh is our mother land….
  • It was a hot summer day….
  • Ms. Jamila Akhter is a…..
  • It’s a lovely morning, Khoshi
  • Dina has a beautiful family

PSC English Wh Question Suggestion

Making Wh Question is not easy. Generally students answer it by chance or memorized answer. Here is PSC English Wh Question Suggestion for you.

  1. Saikat’s mother cooks at 6 a.m.
  2. The tortoise walked steadily.
  3. Sakib is a student.
  4. The tortoise won the race .
  5. Samira is going to market for shopping.
  6. We eat to live.
  7. Raju is in class five.
  8. Tahsan gets up at 7 a.m.
  9. The day was awful.
  10. There was 13 upazilas in Kishorgonj district.
  11. Laila likes to run in the park.
  12. Nipa was six years old.
  13. He likes teaching very much.
  14. Sima likes to walk in the park.
  15. Andy is going to the book fair.

PSC English Short Question 10 No Suggestion

In 10 no you have to answer three question from an instruction. Those are like creative Question. You may need PSC English 10 No Suggestion.

How to wash hands
1. Wet your hands with clean water and use soap.
2. Wash both sides of your hands and in between your fingers.
3. Remember to clean your fingernails.
4. Wash your hands thoroughly.
5. Then dry them with a clean towel

a) What do you need to use to wash your hands?
b) Why do you need to wash your hands?
c) How do you wash your hands before eating food?

How to celebrate birthday party
1. Invite the guests.
2. Bring a birthday cake.
3. Light the candles
4. Sing a birthday song
5. Cut the cake

a) What is birthday?
b) Why should you bring a birthday cake?
c) What should you do to celebrate your birthday?

Guideline to be a good person
1. Always speak the truth
2. Obey your parents and superiors.
3. Keep the moral values in everyday life to build up your character.
4. Practice good qualities again and again.
5. Pray to the almighty creator.

a) Whom should you obey?
b) Why should you keep moral values in everyday life?
c) How can you be a good person? Write in three sentences?

PSC English Time Table 11 No Suggestion

Fill in the gap with time table is the most easiest topin in PSC English. Students don’t need any suggestion. If they answer in a sequence of time, the answer will be correct. Although they don’t need, we made PSC English 11 No Suggestion.

1. I am a student and I follow a routine to pass a day. Usually, I get up at a)____. I sit down to read and read for two hours. I eat breakfast at b)____. I go to school at c)___. I return from school at d)____ and have some wash. Then I take my lunch at e)____. After lunch, I rest for some time.

2. Time table of a week. Make five sentences with it. Friday is the last day of the week.

Days of the weekName of works
1st dayLook after garden
3rd dayClean my room
4th daySwimming practice
5th dayFootball practice
6th dayDrawing practice

PSC English Rearrange Suggestion

The last topic of our suggestion is Rearrange. It is easy. But sometimes it is hard to solve. We added some important PSC English Rearrange Suggestion for you.

  1. chamber/the/we/at/doctor’s/were
  2. to/make/helps/us/strong/milk
  3. nickname/you/do/a/have
  4. proud/I/country/my/of/feel
  5. see/Maria/cannot/the/trees
  6. went/the/hare/sleep/to
  7. hands/your/regularly/wash
  8. handwriting/you/improve/should/your
  9. me/you/book/give/can/your
  10. see/Maria/cannot/the/flower

This post is about PSC English Suggestion and we made it after researching many PEC Board Question and after discussing with experienced teachers. Hope it will help you a lot in PSC English Exam.