Robi Internet offers 2020

When you are a Robi Sim user and look for Robi Internet Offers of 2020, this post about Internet packages will really help you a lot. Robi stands on second position in the question of Internet service. Let’s start our post about best robi Internet offers of the year.

In past, Robi was a individual company. Leter Airtel bought robi. The full name of Robi is Robi Axiata Limited. It is the second largest Mobile network in Bangladesh.

Best Robi Internet Packages

Robi Internet offers
Robi Internet offers

In every mobile service there are some best offers. Robi sim also have some Best robi Internet packages. Here we have shortlist of the bd robi sim internet offer. Enjoy with the information. Banner

Robi Internet Offer 2020 List

Internet PackPrice (Taka)Active CodeValidity
100 MB (FB & IMO)Tk. 10*123*0010#3 days
100 MB FB + 100 MB IMO)Tk. 19*123*019#3 days
250 MBTk. 46*123*110#28 days
350 MB (IMO)Tk. 20*123*56#28  days
350 MB (FB & Whatsapp)Tk. 18*123*0250#28  days
500 MB ( 10*123*77#3 days
700 MB + 25 SMS + 25 MinTk. 58*123*058#7 days
750 MBTk. 74*123*0074#14 days
800 MB (600 FB+200MB)Tk. 49*123*049#7 days
1GB + 75 Min + 30 SMSTk. 148*123*999# *123*00999#28 days
1 GBTk. 128*123*128#28 days
1 GBTk. 23*123*230#3 days
1GBTk. 41*123*41#3 days
1 GBTk. 48*123*48#4 days
1.1 GBTk. 101*123*101#7 days
1 GB+50 Min+100 SMSTk. 98*123*098#7 days
1 GB (PUBG)Tk. 33*123*033#30 days
1 GB (FB & Whats)Tk. 49*123*250#30 days
1 GB IMO PackTk. 53*123*056#28 days
1.5 GBTk. 209*123*209#30 days
1.5 GBTk. 48*123*48#3 days
1.5 GBTk. 209*123*209#30 days
2 GBTk. 54*123*54#3 days
2 GBTk. 239*123*239#28 days
2GB+150Min+150 SMSTk. 251*123*251#28 days
2 GB ( 65*123*77*3#3 days
3 GBTk. 108*123*108#7 days
3 GBTk. 61*123*061#3 days
4 GBTk. 108*123*0108#7 days
4 GBTk. 316*123*316#28 days
4.5 GBTk. 129*123*0129#7 days
5 GB+500Min+100 SMSTk. 599*123*599#30 days
6 GBTk. 148*123*148#7 days
7 GBTk. 399*123*399#28 days
10 GBTk. 501*123*501#28 days
10 GBTk. 199*123*0199#7 days
15 GBTk. 649*123*649#28 days
20 GB +500Min+200 SMSTk. 999*123*999#30 days
20 GB +500Min+200 SMSTk. 999*123*00999#30 days

Robi Internet Offers 2020

Here we have described Bangladesh Robi internet offer if we tell in brief robi internet offer monthly and robi recharge internet offer. By reading our post you will come to know the validation date and either that package is good for you or not. We have described Social Internet offer and scratch card Internet package separately below.

Robi 250 MB at 46 BDT

This robi 250 MB data pack is available 28 days. It will cost you only 46 TK. This package is mostly for light users who use very less or who buy mobile internet as backup for checking mails and messages. To active this package, dial *121*110#.

Robi 1 GB at 23 BDT

This pack will be ideal for freelancers and download lover. Heavy Internet Users will love this package because they can get 1 Gb in a cheap rate which is only 23 tk. however its validity date is 3 days. Recharge 23 tk or dial *4# to get the offer.

Robi 750 MB for 14 days

Medium level Internet users can get this 750 MB package. This package offers to use till 14 day from activation. It will cost you 74 tk. Recharge 74 tk to get the offer.

Robi 1 GB at 48 BDT

This bd robi sim internet offer is not so popular because of 1 GB at 23 TK offer. If you get 1 gb in 23 tk why you would take the same 1 GB for 48 for an extra 1 day validity. This package validity time is 4 day. To get the package dial *123*48#.

Robi 1 GB for 28 Days

Some people are lite user but need Internet for the maximum period. They can get this 1 GB package that will last 28 days. Recharge 128 tk or dial *123*128# for activating this offer.

Robi 1.1 GB for 7 Days

The pack is good for games. You will get 1.1 GB that is about 1126 MB for 101 TK only. The package usability period is 7 days. Dial *123*101# to get the offer.

Robi 1.5 GB at 209 BDT

Dial *123*209# to get 1.5 GB Internet at 209 tk for 30 days. It is wise pack for corporate use.

Robi 4 GB Freedom Internet Pack

The main feature of this freedom package is data carried forward. You can active this offer on *4#. Package cost is 316 BDT and valid till 28 days.

Robi 2 GB Freedom Data

You will get same freedom features in all freedom pack. The activation is the same *4# and will cost 54 TK but validity period is little, 3 days.

Robi 2 GB for 28 days

A medium data users needs about 2 GB Internet every month. He/she can take this offer that valid for 28 days. It costs not more than 239 tk. Dial *123*239# to active.

Robi 3 GB Freedom Internet pack

Weekly heavy data users should get Robi 3 GB Freedom pack. It costs 108 TK for 7 days. Its activation code is *4#.

Robi 4 GB Freedom Internet

Like other freedom package active it by dialing *4#. It costs 316 BDT that will be usable till 28 days. This is ideal for youtubers and freelancers.

Robi 6 GB at 148 BDT

This 6 GB data offer is good for TV users. It is only for 148 TK. and validate for 7 days.

Robi 7 GB at 399 BDT

This package is divided in two parts, 2 GB in 4G Network and 5 Gb in any network. This package costs 399 Tk and valid for 30 days. The activation code is *123*399#.

Robi 10 GB Internet Pack

On this Robi 10 GB Internet offer you can use 3 GB on 4G network nd rest 7 GB in any network. You can avail this pack on 501 TK for 28 days on USSD code *123*501#.

Robi 10 GB for 7 Days

People who are heavy user can get 10 GB Internet for 7 days for 199 TK. This pack can be activated by dialing *123*0199#.

Robi 15 GB for 28 Days

The highest volume Internet pack is Robi 15 GB Internet offer. Its validity is 28 days. It will cost you 649 TK and activation code is *123*649#.

Robi Social Data Offer

Robi Social Data offer is different than normal Internet package. You can only use social media website or app like Facebook, IMO, Whatsapp. The following Robi Social Internet packages would be best for you.

Robi 100 MB at 10 BDT

This 100 MB is the lowest in Robi Social Data offer. There are two part in this package. One can use 60 MB to any website and 40 MB to Facebook and Whatsapp. It is valid for 3 days and dial 123*0010# to active it.

Robi 200 MB at 19 BDT

There are another Social pack of 200 MB for 3 days at 19 Tk. On that 200 Mb, one can use 100 MB as general net and 100 MB social (Facebook and Whatsapp). Dial *123*019# to active this package.

Robi 350 MB IMO Pack

There are Robi IMO social Internet pack of 350 MB for 28 days. It costs only 20 TK. Dial *123*56# to get the pack.

Robi 350 MB Facebook & Whatsapp

Robi brought another 350 MB social Package of Facebook and Whatsapp. It is valid for 28 days for only 18 BDT. Get this package by dialing the code *123*0250#.

Robi 800 MB at 49 BDT

600 MB for any website and 200 MB for IMO and Other social website, Robi offers a total 800 MB Social Internet pack for 49 TK. But the usability period is only 7 days.

Robi 1 GB Facebook & WhatsApp

Nowadays you need bigger data pack for social use. So, Robi offers 1 GB Social Internet for Facebook and Whatsapp. dial *123*0250# to get 1 GB for 28 days on only 18 BDT.

Robi 1 GB IMO Pack

If you are a regular IMO user you definitely need this 1 GB Imo pack. It will cost you 53 TK for 30 days. The activation USSD code is *123*056#.

Robi 15 GB Robi Music and Videos

The largest Robi Social Internet pack for Music and Video lovers is 15 GB. Firstly, you need to recharge 649 BDT. The code of activation of this package is *123*649#.

Robi Scratch Card Internet offer

Robi moreover offers Scratch Card for Internet package. You can buy your desire card and dial its code to get the Internet offer. Just buy a scratch card from any Robi Retailer shop and recharge it.

800 MB at BDT 49

In this package, you will get 600 MB Data with 200 MB Bonus. Bonus Data can be used on Facebook and IMO. Its validity date is 7 days. To get this package, Buy 49 Tk MB card from any retailer.

200 MB at 19 BDT

This data card of 19 Tk. is a popular card among user. You will get 200 MB in this card for 7 days. Out of 200 MB, 100 MB for any site browsing and 100 MB for social media Facebook and IMO.

200 MB & 20 Minutes at 29 BDT

By this scratch card you will get 200 MB and 20 Minutes for 7 days. The price of this card is 29 TK. You need to recharge 29 BDT from scratch card. *3# and *222*2# for data balance check and minute check respectively.

75 MB at 9 BDT

This is the lower price scratch card and most popular mb card. You can buy this card for nearby retailer shop. You will get 50 MB Data and 25 MB Facebook and IMO Bonus for 3 days.

We have talked about all kind of Internet offers of robi here. Hope by reading it, you can easily choose your offer. If you can’t fix or can’t make decision, let us know your question about Bangladesh robi internet offers.