Seasons In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is called the land of six seasons (Sadartu). Change of climate is called the season. Tropical regions have only two seasons – the wet and the dry.

Do you want to know more about seasons in Bangladesh? Below we have discussed about six seasons of Bangladesh.

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Seasons In Bangladesh

Six Season Report In Bangladesh

  • Grisma (summer),
  • Barsa (rainy),
  • Sarat (autumn),
  • Hemanta (late autumn),
  • Shhit (winter) and
  • Basanta (spring)

Season In Bangladesh Composition

The word ‘season’ means of the period when a particular kind of climate prevails. Bangladesh enjoys six seasons in a year- the summer, the rainy season, the autumn, the late-autumn, the winter and the spring. Usually, who Bengali months make a season. Each season presents us its features. We hear new sounds and enjoy new scenes in each season.

Summer is the hottest season in Bangladesh. Summer(Grismo) is the season of scorching heat, thirst and dust. Most water bodies dry up HQ). Cyclones and storms often visit in this season. Despite these, many kinds of fruits such as mangoes, litchis, jack-fruits, etc. in this season.

After the scorching heat of summer, the rainy season comes as a welcome relief. Ashar and Shraban make the rainy season. The constant rainfall removes the excessive heat and brings people comfort. But this season is also a curse to us. The canals, ponds and rivers become full to the brim. Sometimes it causes flood. The farmers remain busy harvesting jute in this season. It is a season of peace and plenty.

The white sails of clouds in the sky indicate the advent of autumn. Bhadra and Ashwin make this season. Most of the time, The sky remains clean and bright in this season.

With the smiling face of the farmers, the late autumn comes just after the autumn. It is the season of harvesting. The farmers remain busy harvesting paddy. Kartik and Agrahayan are the months of this season.

The falling of the leaves of trees indicates the advent of winter. Life seems to be dull and dismal with fog, mist and chill in this season. The sunshine is very delightful in this season. This is the season of various kinds of vegetables and country-cakes. Poush and Magh make this season.

After the shivering cold, the spring peeps with the sweet songs of the cuckoo. It decorates the leafless trees with the new dress of green leaves. The whole nature laughs and looks fresh and lively. Various kinds of flowers, green leaves and sweet breeze make this season attractive. Falgun and Chaitra are the months of this season.

Seasons come and go, sights and scenes change in every season. We enjoy varieties of nature throughout the year.