Teletalk Internet Packages 2020

In this era, a lot of people use Teletalk Data package. So, they need to buy data and active it. Many of them look for Teletalk Internet Package. So, we thought to write a blog about Internet packages of Teletalk including regular package and special package.

We will also cover Bornomal, Oporajita, Songram, Agami and Corporate data offers also. With Internet pack size, price and validity, we moreover advice which Internet pack will fit for you. So, stay connected and read the whole post to know Teletalk Data Package.

Teletalk Internet Offers 2020

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Teletalk Internet Packages

Teletalk Internet Offers are mainly two types. One is regular data offer. You can buy these offers any Teletalk sim. The another is Special data offer. To get these special data offer you should have that offer sim. If you a bornomala sim user, you can’t get Oporajita offers.

Teletalk Regular Internet Package 2020

First we will talk about Teletalk Regular Internet Package. Anyone can active regular data pack. There are different group in regular data package. Some of them are Exclusive package.

First let’s see the regular package that anyone can take anytime, and from anywhere.

Most Popular Regulars Internet Package:

  • 1 GB at Tk.23 (7 Days)
  • 1 GB at Tk.46 (30 Days)
  • 2 GB at Tk.85 (30 days)

The other regular packages are:

Package SizeDurationUSSD CodeCodePrice
60 MB3 Days*111*501#D51Tk.9
3 GB3 Days*111*33#P33Tk.33
250 MB7 Days*111*503#D82Tk.24
500 MB10 Days*111*513#D52Tk.39
2.5 GB10 Days*111*511#D58Tk.78
3 GB30 Days*111*531#D31Tk.201
5 GB30 Days*111*532#D20Tk.301
8 GB30 Days*111*533#D25Tk.391
10 GB30 Days*111*550#D21Tk.445
15 GB30 Days*111*551#D22Tk.649
20 GB30 Days*111*552#D26Tk.849
30 GB30 Days*111*553#D32Tk.1169
45 GB30 Days*111*554#D33Tk.1669
65 GB30 Days*111*555#D62Tk.2225

Exclusive Regular Internet Package

You can get below Teletalk data offers by recharging the Price money into the phone. or by dialing USSD code.

Data sizeDurationUSSD CodeCodePrice
1GB @Tk.237 Days*111*611#B1Tk.23
1GB @Tk.4630 Days*111*46#DPSS1Tk.46
2GB @Tk.8530 Days*111*85#E85Tk.85
3GB @Tk.6310 Days*111*63#E63Tk.63
5GB @Tk.9710 Days*111*97#E97Tk.97
10GB @Tk.19815 Days*111*198#E198Tk.198
8GB @Tk.8915 Days*111*89#SP8Tk.89
30GB @Tk.32930 Days*111*329#SP30Tk.329

Teletalk Agami Internet package 2020

Agami is a special service of Teletalk. It is only given to the students who get GPA-5 in the Board Exam like SSC or HSC.

There are some Interesting Interpackage in Teletalk Agami. Let’s look on them.

Most popular Package in Teletalk Agami Data offer:

  • 1GB at BDT 43 (for 30 Days)
  • 5GB at BDT 87 (for 15 Days)

Below you will find all the offers regarding Teletalk Agami Internet package.

Teletalk Agami Internet packages

Data volumePriceUsage validityShort codeUSSD Activation
1 GBTk.217 DaysA1*111*600#
1 GBTk.4330 DaysA2*111*601#
2 GBTk.8130 daysA3*111*602#
3 GBTk.5310 daysA4*111*603#
5 GBTk.8715 daysA5*111*605#
10 GBTk.16930 daysA6*111*610#

If you are a heavy user you can get Agami 10 GB data pack for 30 days. It will cost you 169 TK only.

Teletalk Sagotom internet package 2020

Teletalk Sagotom Internet is also a popular in Teletalk Internet Packages. It has only three package of 1 GB, 2 GB an 3 GB. They are described below.

Teletalk Sagotom 1 GB at 46 TK

The Sagotom Internet packages are for stable users who loves to browse not much download. In this package you will get 1 GB or 1024 MB Internet at only 46 Tk. You can use the data for 30 days. To get this data package, Recharge Tk. 46 or Dial *111*46#

Teletalk Sagotom 2 GB at 84 TK

Users need little more data can get 2 GB which will cost them only 84 TK. Its validity time is 30 days. So, he/she can use Internet at relax. The activation code is *111*84# or you can recharge 84 TK from Recharge shop or bkash.

Teletalk Sagotom 3 GB 42 TK

Teletalk Sagotom also kept felicities for heavy Internet users. It say, It is the best teletalk Internet package for heavy users. You will get 3 GB only at 42 TK. But the validity time is only 5 days. Its activation code is *111*42#

Data size & PriceValidityActivation Process
1 GB at Tk. 4630 DaysRecharge Tk.46 or Dial *111*46#
2 GB at Tk. 8430 DaysRecharge Tk.84 or Dial *111*84#
3 GB at Tk. 425 DaysRecharge Tk.42 or Dial *111*42#

Teletalk Bornamala Packages

Teletalk Bornomala Internet Packages are most popular in Teletalk Internet Packages. It is also given to the students only. The price of Bornomola package is reduced for students. Let’s sett the Bornomala offers.

Data sizePriceValidityShort codeUSSD Activation
1 GBTk.237 DaysB1*111*611#
1 GBTk.4430 DaysB2*111*612#
2 GBTk.8330 daysB3*111*613#
3 GBTk.5910 daysB4*111*614#
5 GBTk.9315 daysB5*111*615#
10 GBTk.17930 daysB6*111*616#

Teletalk Oporajita Packages

Bangladesh Government offers Oporajita to the women for women empower. So, Teletalk Oporajit Internet Packages are also popular among girls. Let’s see all the data pack oporajita offers.

The most popular package of Oporajita is 10 GB that costs 149 TK for 30 days.

Data volumePricevalidityRecharge to ActivateUSSD Dial Code
1 GBTk. 87 daysTk.8*111*8#
1 GBTk.183 DaysTk.18*111*18#
2 GBTk. 367 daysTk.36*111*36#
10 GBTk. 14910 daysTk. 149*111*149#
2GB +
250 Minute +
100 SMS
Tk. 19930 DaysTk. 199*111*199#

Teletalk Corporate Internet Packages

There are some corporate Internet Packages of Teletalk that corporate users can take. The packages are below.

Data VolumePriceValidityActivation Code
2 GBTk. 16030 DaysCP01
5 GBTk. 30030 DaysCP02
10 GBTk. 50030 DaysCP03
15 GBTk. 67530 DaysCP04
25 GBTk. 100030 DaysCP05
40 GBTk. 140030 DaysCP06
60 GBTk. 180030 DaysCP07
  1. How can I check TeleTalk account balance?

    To check Teletalk account balance dial the USSD code *152#.

  2. How can I check teletalk internet balance?

    To check Teletalk data balance send a SMS writing “u” to the number 111.

  3. How can I get emergency Internet balance in teletalk?

    If you want to get emergency Internet balance in teletalk dial *1122#.

This whole post is about Teletalk Internet package and offers of the year. If you are facing any problem regarding Teletalk Internet you can share with us. We will try to solve the issue.