Your Home Paragraph & Essay

Write a paragraph on your Home by answering the questions below:

Your Home Paragraph
Your Home Paragraph
  • (a) Is your home in a village or in a town?
  • (b) What materials have been used to make it?
  • (c) How many members does your family have?
  • (d) Who are they?
  • (e) Is the home comfortable?
  • (f)Do you have a separate reading room?
  • (g) Do you like it? Why or why not?

My Home Paragraph: My home is in a village. It is a brick built house. It looks very beautiful. It fates the south. So the sunshine and fresh air can easily enter the house. It has three bedrooms, a study for me and a small veranda. The kitchen stands on the north and for this smoke cannot enter into the house. There is a flower garden in front of my study. It stands on a high Noad. The river Chitra enhances the beauty of my house as it flows with its murmuring sound just beside the house. So, I am happy to live in such a fine house which is far away from the din and bustle of city life. Banner