Duties Of A Student Composition

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Duties of Students Composition: What responsibilities do you complete as a student? Do you know as a student you have lots of duties? If not, You should. Let’s learn what is the duties of a student.

Duties of A Student Essay

Duties of a Student
Duties of a Student

Duty of Student: A student has some duties to himself and to others. As a student life is the golden period of a man’s life, it is the period of preparations for a real life. His duty is preparation for future struggle.

Every Student Duty Composition: Every student has to remember that his main duty is to study. He should be attentive to classes. He must learn his lessons regularly. He mustn’t waste his time and energy. He must use his time properly. A student also should take part in co-curricular activities. He has to take part in different kinds of games and sports. He must read different kinds of books, newspapers, magazines, etc. to enrich himself.

A student must get-up from bed early in the morning. He can take some physical exercise in the open air. A student must take care of his health.

He can play a role to remove illiteracy. He must be well disciplined and good natured. He must show respect to his superiors.

A student should also engage himself in raising awareness among people on various issues. He can motivate the village people about health and sanitation, family planning, etc.

A student can contribute to social activities during cyclones, floods, droughts and other natural calamities. He can help the affected people with relief goods, medicines, etc. He can also serve the sick and old people.

A student is the maker of the society in a sense. He is the future leader of the country. So he must work hard to make himself a dignified person in the family, society and country.