Mother’s Day 2022 in India Date, Celebration & History in Islam

Mother is the sweetest word to everyone. The is a day we celebrate that is dedicated to mother and motherhood. More 46 countries celebrate mother’s day to show respect to women. India is also one of those countries. Like every year, this year India will celebrate mother’s day 2022.

Mother's Day in India
Mother’s Day 2022 in India

Mother’s day celebration started officially in the 19th century. The United States started it. Most of the countries have a common way of celebration. But the history says mother’s day is celebrated over thousands of years by Greek, Roman and other nations. In this article, I will discuss Mother’s day 2022 India.

Mother’s Day Date in India

There is no fixed of mother’s day. It is celebrated at different times in different countries. It is generally celebrated in March and May. India celebrates mother’s day on the second Sunday of May. That means mother’s day date in India is 8 May.

Mothers day In India
Mothers day In India

Every son and daughter in the country waits for the day to wish their mother. Upcoming 14 May is also another chance to make your mother happy.

History of International Mothers Day

There is no actual history of mother’s day. But it is heard that the Greek and roman celebrated the day dedicated to their Goddess. The Greek celebrated the day dedicated the wife of Cronus and other goddesses. They celebrate it during spring. They call for different arrangements on the day.

The Christians celebrated the day on the fourth Sunday. It was around 1600 AD. The celebrated it regarding the mother of Jesus, Mary. They prayed on the day and offered different types of gifts.

Mothers day
Mothers day

The Roman also celebrated the day for the honour of their mother goddess. They arranged festivals and celebrated with great honour.

Finally, our celebration started in the 19th century. We celebrate the day with respect to all the mothers.

Mother’s Day Celebration in India

Mother’s day is celebrated with great honour in India. Most of the sons and daughters present any surprise to their mother. They generally pray for their mother on the day.

Sometimes they hang out with their mother. The brings food for their mother. Some people cook food by themselves for their mothers.

Mother’s Day in Different Religion

Mother’s day is not celebrated on all the religions. Again, different religion has its own way to celebrate.

Happy Mothers day celebration
Happy Mothers day celebration

Roman Catholic Church celebrates mother’s day with a respective way. They celebrate the day by showing respect to the Virgin Mary. They call for different arrangements and make a special prayer.

The Hindu and Buddhist also perform the day in their own way. The common thing is they pray for their mother.

Mother’s Day in Islam

There is no such thing about mother’s day in Islam. The Muslims don’t celebrate mother’s day. But in that religion, mother’s respect is so much higher.

The Islamic historians say heaven lies under the foot of mother. They believe if they serve their mother well, they will get huge rewards in future.

Mother’s Day in Pakistan

Mothers day in Pakistan
Mothers day in Pakistan

People don’t celebrate mother’s day in Pakistan in any religious way. They follow the international way to celebrate. They bring gifts to their mothers.

The urban people celebrate the day in a better way. Sometimes they arrange some plans on the day.

Final Verdict

In this article, I have discussed everything about mother’s day 2022 in India. I have discussed the history, way of celebration and more.

It is a precious day for everyone. Everyone should have a plan for their mother on the day. They should arrange any surprise for their mother. They should express their love for their mother on the day. Hopefully, your mother’s day will be with your mother.

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