Father’s Day 2022 in India

Father’s Day in India. Do you want to know When is the Father’s Day? & Father’s Day in USA with History & Celebration of Father’s Day 2022 with Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

“Father” is not only a simple word, but it also carries huge emotions. Father is a figure who is responsible, vigilant, careful, fearless and a shoulder where we all can depend blindly. Father’s day is a day to glorify and highlight ‘fatherhood’ and ‘parental bond’. It is a very special day for all who plays a father figure in the whole world.

Father's Day in India
Father’s Day 2022 in India

We actually don’t appreciate the role of father as much like we do Mothers. They both play a very vital role in the overall growth and mental development of a child. A child learns many practical things from father, then nobody can teach him. In India, it’s a kind of new concept to celebrate Father’s day. But Indians observe this day with honour, respect and love to fathers. For increasing the importance of father’s day, many schools in India arrange such programmes to inspire children to respect father and take care of them.

When is the Father’s Day?

When is the Father’s Day
When is the Father’s Day

Father’s day has not a fixed date in the whole worldwide. But the big part of the world population chooses third Sunday, June to celebrate this day. In this calculation, in 2022 the father’s day will fall on 19st June. USA, India, Argentina, Cuba, Malaysia, Bangladesh will celebrate father’s day on this date.

But in Australia, this father’s day is celebrated on the first Sunday of September. And in Norway, the day is celebrated on the second Sunday of September.

Father's Day Date
Father’s Day Date

History of Father’s Day

The woman’s name is Sonora Louise Smart Dodd, who brought up the theme of Father’s Day. She thought about giving his father a special honour by celebrating father’s day in 1909. His father, William Smart was a widower. His wife, Sonora’s mother died while giving birth to her sixth child. After Sonora’s mother’s death, William raised the newborn baby with the other five in Washington state.

Sonora realised her father’s being strong, responsible, unselfish as well as raising all of them as a single parent. Then, Sonora wanted to celebrate Father’s day on the first Sunday of June. Because she noticed that the date would be close to his father’s birthday. Then she went to local churches, shops and government offices to get support with her idea. Eventually, she became successful. First Father’s day was celebrated in Washington on June 13, 1910.

Later, President Lyndon Johnson declared the third Sunday of June to celebrate father’s day. It was not a national holiday for 58 years. President Richard Nixon made this day a national holiday.

Father’s Day Celebration

Happy Father's Day
Happy Father’s Day

There are many ways to honour this day. To each child, father is the first male figure who encourages, gives confidence and motivates. A father teaches how to behave and respect mother as well as other women. A father-child bonding is very special, strong and emotional bonding. Children try to give special gifts to their father this day to express their immense love and respect.

Children gift cards, flowers and many other things like cheeseboard, cards, even a ticket for any trip or arrange any picnic.

Father’s Day in India

Like I said before, Father’s day is a quite new concept in India. But Indians accepted this concept very gladly and observe with enthusiasm.

A decade ago the idea of celebrating Father’s day came from the US. After that, the theme of the day spread gradually. And now a billion peoples of India celebrate Father’s day in India on the third Sunday of June to express their love and gratitude to father figures.

Father’s Day in USA

Father’s day in USA is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. It is not a national holiday in the USA. But as it falls on Sunday, so It’s an off day.

Father’s Day in USA
Father’s Day in USA

People observe this day by giving gifts, cards, champaigns, whiskey or any ticket for a trip. Some also celebrate this day in-home throwing a party centring father. This day is a very special day to develop the children-father divine bonding.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking for some father’s day gift ideas? Well, you can give him any handmade gifts, cards with a flower bouquet. You can gift him tickets to his favourite places, take him to his favourite restaurants. Buy him any dress he desired for a long time. Take him to the places where he used to spend his childhood and teenage time.

But besides these sweet gifts, you can give him a tight hug and an assuring smile saying him,” I will be with you always”, will make his day, his life. Spend this day cheerfully with that person, whose shoulder is always there for you to depend, cry, share anything in your life no matter what.

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