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Krishna Janmashtami celebrated on the eighth day of Savana month marks the birth of Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnate of Lord Vishnu. Janmashtami is also known as krushnashtami, Gokul Ashtami, Srikrishna Jayanti, Sri Jayanti.


Janmashtami is celebrated for the birth (janma) of the god Krishna on the eighth(ashtam) day of Krishna paksha of the month (Bhadrapad)August-September according to Hindu calendar. 

The number eight also has another significance. Because Krishna is the eighth child of princess Devaki and king Vasudeva.

Krishna was born to disperse sinful acts and spread the message of love and universal brotherhood. All Hindus consider Krishna as their protector, hero, and friend. The birth of Lord Krishna marks the end of inhumanity and brutality over mankind.

Why Do We Celebrate Janmashtami?

We celebrate janmashtami for the importance of the historical background of the birth of Lord Krishna. Historians say that Lord Krishna was born on 18th July 3228 BCE and lived until 18th February 3102 BCE. His birthplace was Mathura.

There are several legends and stories associated with this festival. Among them, the widely accepted view is that king Kansa, brother of Devaki and maternal uncle of Krishna ruled Mathura then. Kansa was a brutal ruler and everybody wanted to get rid of him.

There was a prediction that Devaki’s eighth child will kill Kansa. The brutal king got enraged after hearing this and killed all the children of Devaki. Then he imprisoned Devaki and Vasudeva when Devaki was about to give birth to her eighth son. Lord Vishnu appeared there and told them to take the son to Gokul to Yashoda.

Krishna was born in midnight and Vasudeva came out of the jail after finding the guards in a hypnotic sleep. Then Vasudeva crossed the Yamuna river in a stormy night and placed his son beside Yashoda. When Krishna grew up, he killed Kansa.

The main reason for celebrating this festival is to bring people together for unity. As Janmashtami symbolize unity and faith.

What Do We Do In Janmashtami?

Janmashtami is an extremely devotional experience. All hindus celebrate this festival with great joy and enthusiasm by people of all across the globe. But janmashtami especially celebrated in Mathura, Gokul, Vrindaban where Krishna spent most of his lifetime.

All Hindu people mark this festival with devotional songs, dances, Pujas, and Aarti. Hindu people do kirtans in which the devotees sing a hymn in praise of Lord Krishna. Raslila(drama and dance) is a special part of Janmashtami.

This festival starts before dawn and continues all day long until late midnight-believed to the actual time of Krishna’s birth. Then a statue of baby Krishna is revealed and placed in a cradle. Then baby Krishna is bathed with milk and dressed. Then if fasting, the devotees break the fast with various sweets or even a feast.

Janmashtami Celebrated In India

Janmashtamibis celebrated very magnificently all over India.

MATHURA(the birthplace of Krishna): Rasleela and jhanki pradarshan is a great attraction of Janmashtami in Mathura. Jhulantsav is one of the exclusive events that take place. Large swings are found to be placed in the courtyard of the temples.

VRINDAVAN: Krishna spent his entire childhood in vrindavan. The whole city is decorated with colorful lights.

MAHARASHTRA: Dahi haldi of Maharashtra is famous across the country. On Janmashtami various groups compete for each other to aim for the pitcher of Dahi which is hung at the top by a string.

MANIPUR: Manipur people present Manipur dance, a classical dance form known for its theme which is like drama Rasleela.

DWARKA, GUJARAT: Dwarka is believed to the kingdom of Krishna. The grand dwarkadish temple is decorated beautifully. In the festival day, the prasad is made of 56 items that Krishna loved.

What Is The Significance Of Janmashtami?

The main significance of janmashtami is to encourage goodwill and to discourage bad will.  Janmashtami holds a valuable sense when it comes to encouraging the good and destroy the evil.  Lord Krishna’s birth has a fascinating spiritual significance as he was a legend who was born inside a cell of jail in darkness.

It is said in the verse of Bhagavad-Gita(a sacred book narrated by Lord Vishnu) that, whenever there will be a predominance of evil works in-universe and decline of religion, he will reincarnate in different looks and shows the right path to people.

This holy festival makes people be together. Rather it gives importance on unity and faith.

Janmashtami Wishes 2021

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Janmashtami Messages

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