Pohela Boishakh 1429 – Bangla new year 2022

Pohela Boishakh 2022: Pohela Boishakh is the first day of the Bangla calendar. Every year Pohela Boishak is celebrated through Bengali people. People follow the Bangla calendar from long since. But it was not any official calenders. The Mughal emperor Akbar started the Bangla calendar officially. From then Bangla New Year, Chaitra Sankranti and Pohela Boishak are celebrated.

Pohela Boishakh 2020
Pohela Boishakh 2022

Boishak is the first month of Bangla year. The word Pohela means the first day. So pohela boishak means the First day of Bangla New Year.

The Bengalis welcome the New Year with a great festival. This festival is hugely celebrated with some traditional aspects. Boishaki Mela is a great attraction of pohela boishak. It is a public holiday in Bangladesh and Tripura. According to the Gregorian calendar, 14th April is observed as Pohela Boishak.

In this article, I will discuss everything about Pohela Boishak. I will also add some Pohela Boishak images and pictures. Moreover there you will find Pohela Boishak SMS. So keep reading the article and learn more about Bangla New Year 2022.

When is Pohela Boishak 1429?

The date for pohela boishak is fixed. Every pohela boishak is celebrated on 14 April. In most of the region of India celebrate it on 15 after. That means Bangladesh celebrates 1 day earlier.

So the Pohela Boishak 1429 date is 14 April.

History of Pohela Boishakh

Pohela Boishakh, a traditional occasion for all Bengali people. The root of Pohela Boishakh was set at the time of the Mughal period. Let’s know about this history.

The great Mughal emperor, Akbar the great who’s resign was from 1556 to 1609. At his time the tax was collected from the agricultural products according to the Hijri calendar. But the problem was Hijri calendar was completely based on the lunar calendar. But our agricultural system was rotated with six seasons which was inconvenient to Hijri calendar. So, it was always seen that the landowners come to collect the tax and the peasants are still waiting for their crops.

Pohela Boishakh Images
Pohela Boishakh Images

After realising the problem, Emperor Akbar ordered to reconstruct the calendar. And he gave this responsible duty to a famous respectable astronomer and scholar, Fatehullah Shirazi. The new calendar was made keeping mind of the six seasons and cultivation periods. From 1556, this calendar was started and in Bengali the year was called “Bonggabdo”.

Pohela Boishakh was celebrated in both Bangladesh and West Bengal until 1965 without any problem. But then Pakistan came to rule our country and many politics happened, they banned our traditional culture at that time. But eventually, by protesting, Pohela Boishakh celebrated in Bangladesh.

The Pohela Boishakh mainly takes place under the banyan tree of Ramna Park in Dhaka. The main event of this festival was to open a “halkhata” or new book of accounts for businessmen. They share sweets and strongly renew their business relationship. This traditional occasion is still celebrated with enthusiasm in the whole Bengali nation with each ritual.

Pohela Boishak Celebration

More or less everyone celebrates pohela boishak. But some of us don’t know the core celebration of pohela boishak.

Bangal New Year doesn’t start like the English New Year. English New Year starts from 12:00 am. Bangla New Year starts from the sunrise. Bangla Academy promotes this system from 1402 Bangabda.

The traditional cultural organization Chayanat starts the celebration of the day. About 150 artists join there and play rag music on flute. It generally starts at the very early morning (approximately 6:15 am.)

Pohela Boishakh Celebration
Pohela Boishakh 2022 Celebration

Different kinds of programs are arranged after that. The students of faculty of fine and arts of Dhaka University organize the “Mongol Sovajatra.” They come out together with different artworks and make rallies.

The Shilpokola academy also arranges some programs at the five stages. The folk cultural exhibition is a great attraction of the day.

Bangla Academy arranges different traditional programs and lectures. Though the main programs are arranged on the capital there are also different programs all over the country.

Bengali New Year 2022 Celebration

Bengali New Year 2022. On Pohela Boishak, the country is decorated with flowers colors and other traditional things. We can see hawkers with Bengali tattoos, festoons, flowers and others. Most of the parks arrange programs. Most of the schools and collages celebrate the day with some functions.

People wish their close friends. Some people gather and visited boishaki melas. People generally wear colourful dresses. The ladies wear Boishaki Shari. The boishaki shari is the combination of red and white colour. The boys generally wear Panjabi and pajama.

Pohela Boishak SMS

Bangal New Year has a great priority to all the Bengalis. They wish their close friends on this occasion. SMS is always been a good way to wish someone.

If you are finding some unique Pohela Boishak SMS then here you will get some. I have made a unique collection of some SMS on the basis of people’s choice. Check out them below.

একটু আলো একটু আধার
বাতাস গুলো নদীর বুকে দিচ্ছে সাতার
কিছু দুঃখ কিছু সুখ
সবচেয়ে সুন্দর এই বাংলার মুখ
বাংলা বর্ষের পদার্পণে
এসো শাণিত হই নব প্রানে ।
*** শুভ নববর্ষ ***Shuvo noboborsho sms

panta ilish ar vorta vaji bangalir pran,
notun bochore sobai gaibo boisakher gan,
eso he boisakha eso eso, shuvo noboborshow.Pohela Boishak SMS

Shuvo noboborsho
Shuvo Noboborsho

notun surjo notu gan,
notun shur notun prann.
notu ushae notun aloo,
notuun bochor katuk valo,
katu bishad asuk horsho,
shubo hok noboborsho.Shuvo noboborsho Wishes

nishi oboshan pray oi puraton borsho hoy goto
ami aji dhuli tole jirno korilam noto.
bondhu hou shotru hou jekhane je roto,
kkhoma koro ajiker motoo.
puraton bochorer sathe puraton oporadh joto,
hordom hoi hoi, oi elo oi, kolar patay ilish panta.
ishan kone mehger barta.
shuvo nobobosrho.Shuvo nobobosrho

নিশি অবসান প্রায় ওই পুরাতন বর্ষ হয় গত
আমি আজি ধুলি তলে জীর্ণ করিলাম নত
বন্ধু হউ শত্রু হউ যেখানে যে রত
ক্ষমা কর আজকের মত।
পুরাতন বছরের সাথে পুরাতন অপরাধ যত
হরদম হই হই অই এলো ওই কলার পাতায় ইলিশ পান্তা
ঈশান কোনে মেঘের বার্তা ।
*** শুভ নববর্ষ ***শুভ নববর্ষ SMS

pakhir danay likhe dilam noboborsher naam,
bondhu tomra ure dekho pabe sikher gran.
purono sob kosto kore felo nosto.
notun bochore notun jatra hoy jeno sukh ar benodon moy.
ei kamonay tomader janai, shubo noboborsho.Shuvo noboborsho Message

sukher srity rekho mone, mishe theko apon jone,
man oviman sov vule, khushir prodip rekho jele.
hajar surjo tomar cokhe, bondhu tumi theko sukhe.
“Shuvo noboborsho”Shuvo noboborsho Wishes

pohela boishakh gif Download
pohela boishakh gif Download

akasher sob nill diiye, provateer shob lal diyee,
oronner sob sobuj diyye, somudrer sov ghovirota diyee,
tommake jannai “shuvo noboborsho”Shuvo noboborsho Message wish

tomar jonno sokal dupur, somar jonno sondhaa,
tomar jonnno skokl golap sob rijoni ghondha.
tomar jonno shob shur tomar jonno chondo.
notun bochor boye anuk onabil anondo.
Shuvo nobobrsho.Shuvo noboborsho SMS Wish

din jodi chole jay digonter seshe, rat jodi chole jay tarar deshe, vebo na bondhu ami thakbo tomader pashe.
“Shuvo noboborsho”Shuvo noboborsho

Pohela Boishak Pictures

Pohela Boishak can be represented well with pictures. We use pictures to wish others. I have searched and got some traditional pohela boishak pictures.

Pohela Boishakh Pictures
Pohela Boishakh Pictures

Here I am showing them below. Download the pictures if you like them.

Boishaki Mela

Boishaki Mela is the main attraction of pohela boishak 2022. We can see melas all over the country. The rural people celebrate the boishaki Mela in a better way.

In the Mela, Nagordola is a big attraction. The new generation child gets introduced with some Bengali tradition. There are seen some Bengali food like muri, mukri, batasha, kodma and other sweetmeats. Parents buy their child traditional tools, festoon and others from the Mela. Students gather and visit melas on the occasion of Pohela Boishak.

Final Verdict

Pohela Boishak is a traditional occasion for the entire Bengali nation. Many people follow the western culture but Bengali culture is always been our main culture. Pohela Boishak reminds us of our tradition.

In this article, I have discussed many things about Pohela Boishak 2022. Hopefully, you will learn the history of this traditional occasion. I have also provided some SMS and images.

Thank you for reading and advanced Shuvo Noboborsho to all.

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