National Proposal Day 2022 Images, Quotes, SMS, History, Ideas theme, & Celebration Plan

National Proposal day is celebrated on March 20th every year. Proposal day is a day when people ask the hand of their partners for marriage. It is a non-official holiday. You can give a hint to your partner if you want to marry them. You have to show your love to them on this day. Propose day which is the most awaited day by lovers all over the world is here to come. All the lovers eagerly wait for this day because this day gives them an official opportunity to express their love to their love.

History of Proposal Day

Proposal Day was founded by John Michael O’Loughlin. He created the holiday for his cousin waited for years for her boyfriend to propose her. O’Loughlin designed this holiday to remind people of the possibility of proposing their love before life passes and it’s too late.

This day offers a chance to think about your proposal, think about the proposal and your confidence to make a decision about a life-changing decision. It is said in research that 50,000 couples get engaged on this day.

National Proposal Day
National Proposal Day

When is the Proposal Day?

This year 2022, proposal day will be held on 20 March (Friday). The next year 2021, this proposal day will be held on 20 March (Saturday).

Significance of Proposal Day

Proposal Day is mainly celebrated by taking the decision of proposing someone you love. You have to be confident enough to get down on your knee and ask your loving person to set up your life’s most big movement.

You can ask her or him to go on a fancy dinner party or you can give a hint about your love to them. You can also arrange a surprise party to show your love.

National Proposal Day wish
National Proposal Day wishes

These moves will make understand your loving person about your love. But, if you understand that your proposal will not work out, then take time to heal. Then try to understand that your life can go forward. Don’t be pessimistic then.

National Proposal Day 2022 Theme

What is the theme of National Proposal Day 2022? Read through the whole article.

How to Celebrate a Proposal Day?

National Proposal Day images
National Proposal Day images

If you have a significant loving person who you would like to settle down with. Then take the steps to propose and ask them to marry you. But, if you don’t have a loving person yet, this is the day to start looking for one.

Proposal Day Wishes

If your loving person lives far away from you and you just cannot reach her to propose him or her face to face, then you can use this method. You can wish her some loving emotional message to show and express your love to them. We gathered some worthy collection of messages for your favour. Those are in below. Please check out the best proposal day wishes.

National Proposal Day pics
National Proposal Day pics

“Cheers to our friendship and our eternal love…. On Propose Day, I wish that you are able to propose to your love.”

“Let there be smiles and happiness, love and affection and a friendship that will last forever and ever….. Happy Proposal Day.”

“With a friend like you, I have not just found a confidant but my biggest support in life…. Wishing a very warm Propose Day to you.”

“On Propose Day, I propose to you our friendship that will be for life, no matter where we are, no matter how difficult it gets.”

“Your presence in my life is like the most beautiful blessing and I wish the best of everything for you….. National Proposal Day.”

Happy Proposal Day Quotes

National Proposal Day theme
National Proposal Day theme

“I present a proposal to you to be my best friend for the rest of my life and make it a beautiful life for me…. Best wishes on Propose Day.”

“Best friends are not born but they are made with love, care, affection and trust….. Cheers to us!!! Happy Propose Day!!!”

“Happy hearts and smiling faces are what I wish for you….. Wishing you a very Happy Propose Day full of happiness.”

“Humari dosti ke rango se mehke har din, har shaam….. Humari yaari ke charche ho aam…. Happy Propose Day.”

“Khushiyan hi khushiyan barse hum par har dum…. Humari dosti rahe Salamat har kadam par….. Best wishes on Propose Day.”

“Tujhe mana hai maine apna sacha sathi…. Tu hi hai jiske saath beetegi meri zindagi ki har saans jo hai baaki…. Happy Propose Day.”


Proposal Day is to save you from the pressure of an immediate marriage. You can propose your loving person in this day and show your love. This day is kind of a big move for taking life decision.

You can share this holiday on social media by using the hashtag #proposalday. Let your friends and family know about this precious chance for marriage.

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