National science fiction day 2022 theme & celebration

If you are fond of fiction writings then science fiction day is the perfect day for you in the year. Science fiction day is celebrated all over the world by science fiction fans.

It is celebrated mainly on every 2 January. This is known as the birthdate of Isaac Asimov (Famous science fiction writer).

The science-fiction day is basically a get together of science fiction lovers. Science fiction fans gather at a specific place for their interest in science fiction and also to explore their creative thoughts. In this article, I will explain this event.

National Science Fiction Day Date 2022

National science fiction day date
National science fiction day date

Science fiction day is celebrated mainly on every 2 January.

Science Fiction Day in the United States

National science fiction day theme
National science fiction day theme

National Science fiction day is celebrated every year on 2 January from 2012 in the United States. It is celebrated on the occasion of the famous science fiction writer Isaac Asimov’s birthday(the exact date is unknown).

We know America is always advanced in technology. It is because they give importance to science and science fiction. The day is celebrated in different countries but USA gives extra importance.

National Science fiction day in USA motivates science fiction fans to increase their knowledge about science fiction. It also helps them to increase their knowledge about the effect of imaginary change and the evolution of technology.

Basically, science fiction works to connect the fantasy to the reality. On that day people create their own science fiction project and apply their scientific thoughts on it and take it to the event. Those things are done by the people who live in the United States or came to visit there in science fiction.

Science Fiction Events around the World

People around the world celebrate science fiction in many ways. Generally, it isn’t celebrated on the same day. But People celebrate it once in a year. Basically, science fiction day is celebrated like a science fair in other countries around the world. People(students of school and college) take part in the science fair.

How People Celebrate Science Fiction Day?

On the occasion of science fiction people (especially students and youth) create a project on a particular topic. People generally made projects based on solar power, robotics, genetics and others. They gather materials of the projects and present their ideas before the visitors. They also show up the importance of their projects.

The science fiction event generally held on 3-4 days. The participants went to particular places with their invention and the visitors come see their projects.

At the end of the event, the authority gives a prize to the winner of the event. The winner is chosen on the judgment of who made the best project and explain the idea properly.

People in general also can enjoy the day by reading books on science fiction topics on the respect of science fiction day, They can also enjoy TV shows and movies based on science fiction.

On 2nd January, many TV channels show science fiction movies and shows on their channel to celebrate the National Science fiction day.


I have already discussed many things about science fiction event. This is obviously a great even for the rising students. Every schools and collage should arrange science fiction events every year. SO the students can get a chance to show up their ideas. A country can get many hidden talents also from world science fiction day.

So, always try to participate in science fiction events and stay connected with fiction writing.

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